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Yoga @ Fit-lab

Yoga has been used to connect the body and mind for centuries and in the modern societies we are living in is often practiced as a healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety and stay in shape. There are many yoga instructors that consider the practice a holistic one, combined with specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. At Fit –lab we offer three different kinds of Yoga, a fitness Yoga class for strength and power, Yoga for pregnant moms and a more relaxing yoga to reduce life stress.
If you are interested in taking a yoga class in Phuket, Thailand please contact us for more information or check out a schedule on the website.

Fitness Yoga
Introduces you to stationary power moves that will develop strength while leaning your muscles and increasing your flexibility. Similar to hot yoga we conduct this yoga in a warm environment to increase metabolic rate and help burn away that excess body fat. With little pause between exercises your cardiovascular system will be working throughout the session increasing endurance. Participants can expect to sweat and burn during this class whilst mastering breathing that will help deepen the movement allowing longer and more powerful moves and further toning your entire body. An empowering class that leaves you with a real sense of energy and strength after your practice

Fit-Lab Yoga for Pregnancy
During the months of pregnancy is essential that mom stays fit and healthy and a great way is taking a yoga class specifically designed for that time. The practice of yoga helps you prepare your mind and body for labour and birth as this helps you focus and concentrate and relax. The yoga practices used in this class are gentle ways of keeping your body active and supple and minimize the common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and constipation. Breathing techniques can also become handy during childbirth. For the first trimester, standing Yoga Poses are advised as this will help strengthen the legs, promote circulation, generate energy, and may reduce leg cramps. During the second and third trimester, you may reduce your time spent for practicing to prevent fatigue and overwork. It is also not advised to practice from the tenth through to the fourteenth week of Pregnancy since these are crucial times. At Fit-Lab Your health is considered at all times and our female yoga instructors have all undergone specific yoga training for this kind of practice to ensure your wellbeing at all times.

Fit-Lab Relaxing Yoga
After a hard day sometimes its hard to unwind, using a relaxing form of yoga helps to change your thoughts and relieve stress from your body, students of all levels, ages and abilities can join our relaxing class as they are designed to stretch, strengthen and tone your body at the same time increasing flexibility, promoting weight loss and reducing stress. For students also recovering from injury or those returning to practice after a long break. At Fit-Lab we also use this practice in our partner yoga sessions designed specifically for couples were we help them to enjoy exercise together with specially designed poses that help harmonize each other during the session.

Partner Yoga
Fit-lab partner yoga is a practice designed to engage couples and friends in a relaxing style of yoga where partners help support each other in motion during a range of poses that help to develop tone and strength while enjoying an enlightening experience together sharing emotions and feelings of harmony during the practice.
Partner yoga is a great way of helping each other enjoy the benefits of yoga while spending quality time exercising together. A great way to unwind after a busy day or an opportunity to enjoy time with a friend or loved ones while stimulating both mind and body.
The range of poses practiced over the one-hour class begins with stretching of the upper and lower body followed by supportive movements that are designed to strengthen the whole body, the practice begins with a gentle warm up and cool down and is taught progressively ranging from beginner to advanced posses to suit all levels.
Our partner Yoga classes are conducted privately to ensure comfort and peace during your practice together.