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Fit Lab Specialty Fitness Classes

At Fit-Lab we like to keep things fun and interesting for our clients that is why we offer a range of different specialty classes all designed with a personal twist. We run these classes weekly at a number of different locations on the island of Phuket. We are also able to conduct classes at your location schedules permitting, so if you are interested in arranging a class please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help. Below is an overview of some of our most popular classes.

TRX Training
A modern fitness class using the TRX training system that utilizes your own body mass to perform a resistance /circuit style workout, a very up beat class run to pumping modern music that gets your whole body feeling great. At Fit lab we like to mix this class with a bit of Zumba to keep the blood pumping and break up the sets while giving a complete body workout, hitting all areas of the body, legs, back, shoulders, chest and arms as well as has sculpting a hardened sexy six pack. Hitting the core muscle groups at the same time keeping the body in the fat burning zone it will not be long until you begin to look ripped and lean. This class is suited to all levels as the TRX system allows individuals to challenge themselves progressively as they gain experience. Fit–Lab offers TRX training several times a week so please check this out on our schedule, a class not to be missed.

Fit Ball Training
Most people have seen those brightly coloured balls scattered around the gym, they are known as fit-balls. Some of you may have done the odd sit up or two on one but at Fit-Lab we offer a complete 50 min workout using them where you exercise to music following an aerobic style workout while the ball provides support. Exercises are performed gently to ensure correct posture and technique. Fit ball training is great for pregnant moms looking to stay healthy as it supports the body during exercise. It is also great for rehabilitation for the older adult.

Kettle Bell Workout
The Kettle bell or Girya originates from Russia. Kettle bell workouts have been around for some time in the fitness industry and are a great way to fire up your engine and provide a great cardiovascular fitness session combined with endurance and all over body work out. Kettle bells require a great deal of core strength and balance and are great for building those washboard abs, at the same time stripping away unwanted body fat.
The level and Intensity that you workout with kettle bells can be tailored to the absolute beginner or athlete. They are great for pushing your body to a new level of fitness or adding variation to an existing schedule by taking your workout to the beach, park or simply training at home in the back yard.
At Fit-Lab we like to introduce kettle bell workouts to our intermediate level clients as a great way to drop in a quick intense 30 minute workout in-between session with your personal trainer.

Jungle Fitness
Jungle fitness is where we think outside the gym. We use our natural environment to train; here in Phuket we have an amazing outdoor landscape so we like to use it. Jungle fitness workouts are great fun. The idea of this class is to challenge you as you complete a designed circuit of exercises that optimize the local environments. At fit lab we conduct this class mostly on the beach as it is an unstable platform making your legs work hard as you run from sand to sea and workout. So if you fancy slamming a few sand bags, tugging some war and putting a load on then get your jungle boots ready as this work out is seriously good for your fitness providing a full body workout pushing all your key muscle groups to failure. Oh and you might just get a great tan while you are working out.

Boxercize - Thai Style
Boxercize began in England in 1992 and grew in popularity in health and fitness centers around the country as well used by personal trainers to provide a complete body workout. Here at Fit-Lab we have added our own Thai flavour to the class incorporating many of the moves and positions used in Thai boxing making it a real blast of a class. Boxing requires both strength and endurance along with balance and defense so this class will challenge your body and stimulate your mind at the same time working your body into great shape. Core training / abdominals are also targeted as isolated muscle group as after all how many Thai boxers did you see without a solid six pack. So if you are looking to build lean muscle increase your cardiovascular fitness, punch off a few pounds then Boxercise Thai style might just be the thing for you.

Body Pump
Body pump is a full body workout mixing both cardiovascular and weight training that is choreographed to music guiding you through each set. The class is run over a one-hour period and is aimed at hitting all major muscle groups in the body during the workout. Individuals are provided with the equipment including barbells mats and weights required to participate in the class. Pumping iron to music releases a feel good factor and generally helps you push your body to higher levels, simply having a blast, participating in a group keeps the intensity and energy levels high as you complete a workout that hits both the lower and upper body simultaneously while maintaining a good cardiovascular output. So if you are ready to watch your body transform, feel muscles you never thought you had and realize that burn is simply burning away that fat into a new fitter healthy you then lets get your PUMP on!
Unfortunately Fit-Lab can only conduct Body Pump classes at our selected training venues due to logistics and equipment required.

Aqua Fitness
This is conducted in a swimming pool environment using some fun buoyancy tools and resistance aids, kind of like aerobics in the water. Its great for individuals in rehabilitation, with load bearing problems and the older adult as well post natal firming for of the skin and bring back tone and shape. It's a great class to participate in while staying in Phuket during a hot sunny day. During the class we have a lot of fun while at the same time excessing, stretching and moving the whole body all with the added protection of being in the water.

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