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  In general we all need to eat to function daily and learning how to balance the body with what suits for you and what is actually healthy food often puzzles the majority. Actually its kind of simple and scientifically proven that if you eat more calories than required daily you will gain weight and less you will loose weight and knowing that magic starting value is important in getting those results you dream of, simply starving yourself is not an option.

  Choosing great foods that aid in muscle repair, provide recovery pre-and post work out, when to take a cheat meal all make nutrition for progression a battle field. At Fit Lab we take the complex world of food and simplify it for each individual that gets results. We provide advice and supply supplements to each client to compliment each nutritional program. We aim to provide a healthy eating plan that has sustainability for our clients

Getting back to basics and stopping fad quick fix diets is key to maintaining a long term healthy eating.

At Fit-Lab we specifically engineer nutrition programs for every individual based on their target goals and monitor it on a weekly basis along your journey to a healthier fitter you.
We provide a detailed breakdown of what supplements to take on a daily basis and are able to supply the highest quality supplements here in Phuket, Thailand at great prices to our clients.
We provide full digital body composition analysis to evaluate progress this includes body fat analysis, lean muscle mass and weight.
Fit-lab provides a Nutrition diary to our clients and we spend time to evaluate your weekly diet to ensure optimum nutrition. We work together to help balance your diet with great taste and valuable nutrition and establish good eating habits that will last a lifetime.
Fit-Lab work with several restaurants in Phuket, Thailand that provide healthy eating options and are able to serve you great meals that keep you on your plan while enjoying the social side of life.

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